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Deity of the Day: Frigg/Frigga

Frigga is a Norse Goddess. She is the wife of Odin, and ruler over love, birth, marriage, destiny, and the sky. She weaves the sky and fates, and is considered responsible for the fertility of crops (due to the rain and sun from the sky). She is considered the “All mother.” She is a “seer”; she knows fates, but does not change the course of them. She gave birth to Baldr (alternately called Balder), Hodor, and in some texts Wecta. She has many stepchildren: Thor, Hermóðr, Heimdallur, Týr, Bragi,Víðarr, Váli, and Skjöldu. Her attendants, Hlin, Gna, and Fulla, are seen as a part of Frigga. She took part in the Wild Hunt and was the only one allowed to sit on the High Seat other than Odin. Her name translates to “wife,” “beloved,” or “the loving.” She is sometimes depicted as in a chariot pulled by cats.  She is seen as alike Freya, but not the same.

Frigga is considered the queen of the heavens, the goddess of birth and motherhood, renewal, love, and housework.  Some myths say she has the ability to see futures, but not reveal them; others say she cannot reveal them. Call upon her for help with prophecies, any sky work, healing, inspiration, strength, fertility, love, renewal, marriage, household management, transition into the afterlife, motherhood, and domestic arts.

The best day to work with her is a waxing moon and Friday; it is named after her. Her element is water and the colors she is associated with are blue, white, and aqua. She is strongest at Yule. Things to offer her are falcon and hawk feathers, jewels, rose, sandalwood, myrtle, and wine. The New Year is also quite powerful/special for her. Plants associated with her are mistletoe, birch, mugwort, mint, rose, tansy, and Valerian. Gems associated with her are amber, moonstone, silver, rose quartz, emerald and gold.

Sacred animals to Frigga are the Cat, Hawk, and Falcon.  Cats have long been associated with magick and witches, starting in Egypt. They are known to be common familiars and are said to be very in tune with the super natural. They may be messenger for you, protectors, or just there to guide you in magickal practice.

Frigga is married to Odin and the mother of Baldr. 

New year’s eve is considered to be when she labored to give birth to Baldr, and he was considered one of the most beloved gods because he was so pleasant and “radiant.” Frigga foresaw his death, and she loved Baldr greatly, so she decided to try to prevent his death. She made an oath on every thing not to hurt Baldr, but she overlooked the mistletoe because it seemed insignificant. They threw and shot harmful things at him, but he was invincible to these. 

Loki knew Frigga overlooked the mistletoe. He fashioned a poison dart made of the plant, and gave it to Baldr’s brother, Hodor. Hodor shot it at Baldr, not knowing.
It struck him in the heart. Frigga mourned so deeply that the plant took pity and grew milky white berries formed from her tears.

In another version Baldr is brought back to life, and is so overjoyed that she reverses the curse she had placed on the plant; making it a symbol of love and peace.
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